Matsusaka city Mie JAPAN
Artist , Bboy , Designer
BBOY and Hiphop culture is KEY of my Art works.
Originally from Matsuzaka City, Mie Prefecture, 
Masanari Tsuji is an artist and BBOY (break dancer) who creates works 
centered around the Tokai area on the theme of space and the body. 
He creates and researches from the context of dance culture and
art that he has been involved with since his teens,
and creates works with a focus on the ephemeralness of dance
and the traces that remain at the same time. Since 2021,
he has also worked on stage performances by street dancers,
expanding his range of expression.​​​​​​​
ARTIST career 】
2016 Aichi University of the Arts master corse 
2017 Central Saint Martins , UK London ( Exchange )
2018 "Body in Motion" solo Exhibition Oributei Ichinomiya Aichi
2019 Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts Master's Course graduate
2020 Rojo Rojo Rojo group exhibition / Planning and Exhibition Gifu

2021 MUNI award Finalist Tokyo
2021 WATOWA award winning a prize・Finalist Tokyo
2022 CIPH ~Festival Alive ~ solo exhibition Nagoya
2022 “My Turn feat JP THE WAVY” GENERATIONS from EXILE Tribe / CD Art Work
【 DANCER career 】
2016 KING OF COLLEGE College Student Japan Championship Winner
2016 UK BBOY Kinki 2nd Place / Kinki Region Representative
2017 Floor Rippers 6th Anniversary UK Winner
2018 BWA masters international Poland Guest bboy
2018 Break the shire 5th Anniversary UK Winner
2020 WHO GOT THE PROPS Nagoya Winner