2019 Galeria de Belleza - Nagoya Mansion Entrance Public private exhibition
Meaning of letters and places
Why did you write graffiti there? Because there was meaning to draw this letter or paint on the spot. 
But it may be called scribbled.
The letters carved in this sculpture have no meaning. But perhaps not called scribble. 
The graffiti from the wall have the meaning
of modeling and are exhibited. Graffiti in a city where characters are meaningful, 
graffiti displayed in a gallery where characters do not have meaning. 
This is experiment works and consideration. 
When the letters get shape, Its become painting and sclpture.
 Street Art A work that is a three-dimensional form of graffiti. Ban and Permit. 
This work represents the main culture of the subculture in its main culture. 
I want to consider whether it is established as a work by adding another context 
by three-dimensionalizing the forbidden image of graffiti.
Red - W700 H2200 D800 
Blue - W900 H1850 D800 26th 
March 2019 to end of May

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